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Purchase agreement between:

Seller: Kim Pike               Buyer :  

KM Shelties  

266 E. Millerton Rd          

Scottville, Mi 49454          

231 757-4451        



Puppy/Dog: _______________________    AKC: Limited or Full ___________  Sex: _____

Sire: ______________________________ Dam: ______________________

Color:_________   Date of Birth: __________ Micro chip: ___________


Price:__________ Avid Chip: _____ Board______ Total owed_____    Final payment date____/____/______
Deposit: _____ Date pd: __/__/_____  Balance pd:______ Date___/__/______

Buyers planned showing Venue: Conformation / Rally  / Agility  /  Herding  /   Obedience.     Ever title dog before? Yes/ No    Titles____________

Buyer Plans to keep in touch with KM so  it can be know how said puppy turns out and enjoys life with new owners.



If a deposit is placed to hold the above dog (contract for intent of purchase) until pick up or final payment, it will be handled thus: All deposits will be deducted from final cost of dog. Deposits are not refundable, and may be kept only if buyer chooses not to follow thru with purchase or does not pay balance within one week or other agreed upon time set above. Seller only has the responsibility to hold dog till agreed upon time if buyer does not contact seller to make other arrangements or to pay balance, dog may be placed for sale again and buyer forfeits deposit. If for any reason seller cannot fulfill obligation for puppy or dog, if puppy becomes ill, is lost, stolen etc, seller will provide buyer choice of: a return of deposit or offer a replacement dog of equal quality and value.  Shipping and any related cost are buyers responsibility.


New owners responsibility. Keep New puppy and Dog protected and safe at all times, part of protection is micro chip keep UTD, heart wormer check and on according to your area, shots per vet recommendation, fixing in timely manner. Watching people and Kids around them. My highlight, keeping in touch with me, especially photos of them older then a year to see how they matured. Only way to know what we are producing.


At time of sale this dog is: (circle that which best describes this dog at time of sale) 
           Companion/ Performance   Breeding quality           Show potential and breeding quality.   

Guarantees for All puppies sold by KM:
We want you to be happy with your puppy.  So please if something concerns you in anyway not mentioned below, please let us know and we will try and work with you in any reasonable manner. This dog is guaranteed to be healthy for a period of 5 days from time of acquisition.  It is recommended that the Buyer have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian during this time. Full purchase price will be refunded if dog is found to be ill, and returned to Kim, unless other agreement is met
. This is not to include any prior disclosed medical conditions, provided that the dog was examined by a veterinarian during the first 5 days and the dog is returned to Seller with original paperwork, included but not limited to AKC registration, health records, pedigree and so forth. Proof of any claim must be provided to seller within this time and arrangements for the dogs return must be made immediately and not to exceed a week from purchase. Proof of any claim is to be provided to seller immediately and before refund. Any vet, travel to and from buyer or other expenses incurred by buyer are not refundable. 
Adult height or dentition is not guaranteed.  All measurements at time of purchase will be provided to new buyer, and any knowledge or thoughts of possible adult height or dentition from experience of breeding, line or parents will be disclosed. Seller warrants that to the best of her ability or knowledge this dog will mature of correct height and bite but no guaranteed of such can be made. If purchasing an adult dog size and dentition will be disclosed and guaranteed.
Seller reserves the right to be notified and have first purchase option of above dog if and when he/she becomes available, at a reasonable price. This will be strictly enforced. This dog, nor puppies from this dog may be sold to/through wholesale outlets, pet stores or flea markets and will make full use of Limited registration from any offspring produced.

It is also understood that if the dog is not already individually registered, the Buyer will register it through AKC with the KM prefix on its registered name. If the dog is not registered with the KM prefix the Buyer will incur a $1,000 (one thousand) penalty fee.  We do all registering of our puppy to new owners name to insure registration and proper naming. You are allowed to name your puppy after the KM.

Guarantees for
Breeder / Show puppies sold by KM:
 If purchasing a puppy, All show puppies sold at pet price and once they turn out Balance is paid to Kim before AKC papers are transferred into owners name (or being co-owned if new at showing in conformation).  If show dog does not turn out said puppy is to be fixed and sold as a pet. evaluation of puppy BEFORE full balance is paid is very recommended, to determine showable quality. Once Full papers are completed. Two descended testicles will be guaranteed on male puppies or dogs.  This animal is guaranteed to be clear of all genetic health defects to include but not be limited to: hip dysphasia, genetic defects of the eye that will render the dog unable to CERF, hypothyroidism, VWD disease with DNA testing, or other genetic derived disease affecting its suitability for breeding to four years of age. If the dog is purchased when it is over four years of age and all of its tests stated above have not been completed yet the buyer will have an extended two month period to complete testing. All above are guaranteed provided that such defect or fault was not caused by or while with buyer, through neglect, mistreatment or injury. This guarantee is extended only to original Buyer and is null and void if dog has been bred. Proof of any claim must be provided to Sellerís veterinarian. Seller reserves the right to have her own veterinarian retest the dog at her expense, before refund or replacement is given. If a problem is found with the above dog, it must be returned with corresponding AKC and other paperwork, and then a replacement dog of equal value will be provided when one becomes available. The Seller has the choice to either refund the purchase price or replace dog. Buyer may choose to apply the purchase price towards another dog or service with sellers agreement. Seller is not responsible for vet or other expenses of defective dog while in sellers care or shipping, travel expenses or any other costs incurred by buyer in the return of above dog and/or delivery of replacement dog. If buyer chooses to keep the above dog, pet price will be deducted from the original purchase price provided that said dog is spayed or neutered.

 If above dog finishes his American Championship at any age, Buyer will be entitled to  a  show quality dog or puppy  for $1500.00 cost  from any available for sale or 2 free stud services to any dog by Seller. If Buyer wishes to purchase another dog, this offer will only include those puppies or dogs fully owned by Seller and which she is already offering for sale to the fancy.

Terms: for Co-owning/   Puppy owed back /  Commitment to showing
If above dog is a @#!*% and sold as new conformation showing, or sold with puppy/puppies back, or  when Puppies are born. Seller will remain as co-owner on AKC or full owner depending on agreement and/or other applicable registration until Agreed terms of Title completed, Seller receives the puppy/puppies back.  When puppy or puppies and appropriate AKC papers are received by seller, she will sign off the remaining litter and the dam in full to buyer. Puppies will be chosen from @#!*%  first litter.  Current health records will be provided to new buyer at time of acquisition. 
Added terms:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Both the Buyer and Seller have read the above contract and understand and agree to all the conditions stated herein. No amendments or attachments have been made/added to this contract. This contract is legal and binding weather done by e-mail, electronic signature, fax or other means. Both parties agree that any legal action to enforce this contract will be brought forth in Mason Country, MI where breeder resides.
Signing shows agreement to all term here in by both parties


Seller Sign:  ___________________________    Buyer Sign:____________________________

Print name:__________________________ Print Name:___________________________

Date:______/_____/__________ Date:______/_____/__________




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