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About KM Shelties: Breeder of Shetland sheepdogs, In Western Michigan

 See below information about out Breeding Stock, Our Family, Puppies, our web site, Our photos, and to visit us. Need more info please feel free to  Contact - Kim  231 757-4451

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Stock and breeding:
Small Family Oriented Hobby Sheltie Loving Home. We have been breeding Shelties since 1995. Test our dogs for Vwd, Eyes, Thyroid, and Hips OFA. We usually have 4 to 8 adult dogs. Prefer to keep numbers small for individual care and as part of family. Having 1 to 4 litters a year depending on year and circumstance and goal for showing and room for keeping. We look at the complete dog when we choose to breed who to whom. So we are selective with temperament and conformation. Which affords most puppies with option for Agility.
Our web site is not about just showing the puppy to be bought. But we want to show you our dogs, while still being able to speak to you to know what is best for you and the individual dogs or puppies.  So you will not find much for prices or complete info about dogs listed.  I think this helps keep a closer relationship between you and us and our dogs. Most of the time the web site is just to help you know about us and want to make a visit to see us and our DOGS.


 We love to socialize our baby's, which helps them during early developing days. Before they go home dew claws, deworming, shots, and vet checked are done.  Due to the amount of volunteer work we do.  We will often have Quality dogs available so that we can stay at our 4-8 dog care rule.   Be sure to let us know if you want to show.





We like to let you see our dogs in as natural or as you would see them if you walked in to visit. So you can see them as they are, not made up.  I need to work at doing nicer show shots, but it is so fun to have them look and snap shot of them. We post photos of each litter photo gallery pages show them now and past as well.


We are a close family, as boys grow thinking this might change. But as you see we do work together in many ways and also play together. My Parents farm is just around corner where Horses  are and their pasture surrounds our small less then a acre home.

 As you can also see our boys love to play with dogs.  Soccer is one of our boys favorite games a Apple Acres girl is photographed playing like Air Bud. video of her doing so is on our Stock page.

We are also involved with a lot of volunteer work to assist others. So as you can see keep very busy and due to this we will allow some good quality available to show homes over keeping them for ourselves. Please be sure to let us know what you have to offer a new baby.

Project photo's below was built in one weekend. 

Construction Volunteer work with others!

This is just 1 of many of our days volunteering.


Yep, she had twins.


Visit us:
When you visit you are not only going to see our Shelties, but will also more then likely see our parent Cows,  he breds Hereford Heifers to a Belted Galloway Bull and Get some real cute Panda looking calves. If Bull has dun behind him he can get brown and white also. They are a joy to watch grow and play around our yard.

Once a while  our horses will be around to viewing from our place also. We ride them more then we get to see them from home, Since they rule cows, cows get the bulk of pasture.

We are Located by Beautiful Ludington, Mi just North of Scottville. Badger goes from Milwaukee, WI  to Ludington.

Welcome by appointments.
 Others will be seen if able, but no promises
  Contact Us  231 757-4451






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